Schools: A Better Yearbook Experience

Are your yearbooks enjoyable and fun to build?
What is your biggest headache?
Are you pressured by early deadlines?

We understand how many hours a yearbook advisor invests in the book's production. Software can make - or break - your yearbook experience. GREAT software removes the drudgery and brings back the fun.


Jones Photo is partnered with Walter's Publishing for the production of yearbooks. We produce high school and college books, grade school, church directories, and more.

Benefits to you include:
  • Great quality books produced by a national yearbook publisher with over 40 years' experience
  • Image management by a local photo lab with over 60 years' experience
  • We are thrilled to work with your photographer
  • Powerful yearbook software that is simple to use
  • Support at national and local levels
  • Set your own deadline, about 6 weeks before you need your books
  • NO penalty for missing deadline