Spiral Bound Albums

Spiral bound albums are an economical way to create a custom photo album. Several different page designs let you create a book with a variety of layouts. The premade designs are easy to use: just drag and drop your photos.

Spiral bound albums are also a great way to organize your photos. Like the old proof sheets from film, these books feature multiple photos on a page with the file number directly underneath.

You can choose how many photos go on a page, fewer photos to see them big or more photos for a thinner book. You can even customize your proof book with title pages and different background colors.


  • Sizes available: 6x7, 8x10, 8½ x 11
  • The finished album includes a frosted front cover and a black back cover.
  • Optional leather cover for 8x10 and 8½ x 11.
  • Page layouts from 1 up to 30 up.
  • Up to 75 sheets can be bound in a single frosted cover album.
  • Up to 50 sheets can be bound in a leather covered album.
  • Color corrections are not available.
  • Fully customizable schemes using colors, fonts, borders and backgrounds.